No-Toil founder, Bob Jensen, has been riding dirt bikes since the mid-sixties.  Growing up in Corona, California was a great place to ride – especially way back then - when he could ride from his house out into the hills and valleys of Southern California before they were covered with asphalt.  In the mid-seventies, Bob’s career took him to Northern California to a small town called Yuba City.  There he continued riding  at places like E-Street MX, Marysville MX track and Stonyford OHV. 

Bob raised his kids at these riding venues and before long his kids’ friends were involved in dirt bikes, as well.  Between him and his kids and their friends riding three days a week, Bob was cleaning about 20 to 30 dirty foam filter elements each week.  With the traditional petroleum based filter oils and cleaners, this was the most dreaded chore of the group and the “low man on the totem pole” got stuck with it.  You know the routine: dunk the dirty filter in gas and agitate, then wash the filter out in soap and water.  Until he got caught by the Mrs., Bob and the crew were dumping the dirty solvent and soapy water in the back yard. 

Now, with that option gone, Bob had to store the dirty solvent in 5-gallon buckets on the side of the house until the one day a year that the trash dump accepted the deadly concoction.  Then one day, Bob had an idea to build a machine that cleaned and re-oiled the filters, but in the end, he still had a large amount of dirty solvent to dispose of.  After the Oklahoma City bombing, Bob realized that he was building a bomb next to his house with now over 20 5-gallon buckets of gasoline piled up along side his house.  He had to find a way to clean filters in a safe eco-friendly way.  That night he dreamed he was washing filters in his kitchen sink, but he knew that couldn’t be possible unless it was all non-toxic and biodegradable because harsh chemicals would damage his septic system. 

That’s when he set out to develop a biodegradable, non-toxic foam air filter oil.  After months of trial and error, Bob finally found the right formulation and created the world’s first and only BIODEGRADABLE, NON-TOXIC foam filter oil and cleaner.  His patented formula was a revolution in the air filtration industry by being the first air filter oil to be cleaned with a soap and water solution where the waste can be easily and safely washed down the drain.  Never before had filter cleaning been so easy and thorough.  Filters come completely clean in less than a minute!  And the kicker was that performance was NOT sacrificed for convenience, but actually improved. 

The uber-tacky formula filters like none other and the air flow was actually increased due to the Micro Flo characteristics of plant material vs. petroleum products.  No-Toil Filter Oil is the world’s first and only biodegradable AND non-toxic air filter oil that outperforms the competition and is completely eco-friendly.  No-Toil is convenience in a bottle that gives you more time on the throttle.


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